Wonderful White Interior Design for Apartment

For some people, white interior design is the choice due to the clean and bright impression produced by this color. The white color also has its power to make spacious effect to the area so that your room would feel like way wider than originally it is. White color is also being favorite in interior design because it is simple but with some tricks, you can make it luxurious also.

Wider effect and clean impression; well you can’t complain with this color. Especially for apartment unit, these two things are important to disguise the small space that it actually has. Using white color for your apartment interior is a big benefit because you can combine it almost with all other color. If you want some ideas about white interior design for apartment, here is the apartment design from Ilmio Design that might be inspiring you.

The apartment is dominated with white color as you can see in almost all of part of the interior. This creates bright impression on the whole area. The hallway is even equipped with white lamp that lined on the top side of the wall, near the ceiling. This is a smart idea for the lighting because it is creates the futuristic impression to this area. To keep it balance, the flooring is using combination of white tiles and black tiles that lined on the edges of the room. The color contrast between black and white create glamorous effect to the hallway.

Different with hallway area, the living room is using different color combination. It combines white with brown color. The brown nuance is reflects from the sheer long curtain on the windows and also the sofa pillows on the seating area. So, as you can see, white color could be an ultimate way to create good impression to your apartment unit. Now that you’ve known all these white interior design ideas, are you ready to create your own white design?

Picture Gallery of the Wonderful White Interior Design for Apartment

Skull Painting On White Wall Above Fireplace In Living RoomPurple Space Inside White Hallway With Blue AccentsPink Lamp With White Lights In Purple SpaceLuxurious Apartment Floor Layout PlanGold Pendulum Ornament On Black Table In Bright White CornerFancy Hand Ornament Placed Between Wooden Chairs With Blue Sofa Lather In Lounge SpaceFancy Grey Head Ornament Placed In Front Of White WallDining Room Equipped With Fancy White And Black And White Chairs With Glazed TableColorful Paintings Hanging On White Wall In Bright White HallwayColorful Blue Yellow And White Painting On White WallColorful Abstract Painting Hanging On White Wall In HallwayWooden Floating Table On White Wall Under Brown PaintingWhite Washbasin Under Mirror In Bathroom CornerWhite Table With Washbasin Under Mirror Near Bathtub In White BathroomWhite Sink With Silver Tap Under Small Window Between White LightsUnique White Ornament Placed On Grey Carpet Near Glossy Table In Living Room

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